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I have altered my perception of my eating habits and energy needs with Caryn’s guidance and wealth of information. Her holistic approach to nutrition was the way I finally understood how to eat according to my unique self. The cooking advice and techniques also helped me to approach food shopping and preparation in a more enjoyable way. Thank you Caryn!” — D. Nersesian

I am eager to express how Caryn’s services have benefited me in the past few months. Last year when I was going through several health issues, Caryn helped me change my diet and alter my attitude towards food, so I was more aware of the health benefits of the foods I ate, not simply with the goal of satisfying my appetite. Since consulting with her, I have noticed a marked improvement in my energy levels, my attitude towards food and my general well-being. The knowledge and genuine compassion that she has passed along to me will stay with me in the years to come. For that, I am indebted to her. I wholeheartedly recommend her services…you won’t regret it.  — D. Li

“Absolutely immediately useful information [Seasonal Eating Talk].  Caryn was engaging in her delivery on this intriguing, timely topic and was quite open to audience questions.  She shared tips that have been immensely helpful for me to gaining a better understanding of the foods that work for my unique profile and the best times of year to focus on my inner body maintenance.  As a Career Coach, I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to improve the quality of their relationship with food and their body’s vitality.” S. Curtis, SPHR

Working with Caryn has changed my life!  I suffered from many digestive issues over the past 6 years of my life – I saw many doctors and had many tests regarding the issues but to no avail.  I started working with Caryn and have not had any digestive issues since.  She helped me identify which ingredients in food were causing issues and completely changed the way I look at food.  I am now more aware of what I put in my body and how it affects me – as a result almost all of my anxiety has diminished.  In addition to food, she has provided me with healthy ways to manage stress, which has greatly improved my personal life.  I am so thankful for her services and will continue to share what I’ve learned with my friends and family!  — L.Vicari


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  1. my career coach is my father because he seems to know a lot my about career guidance “

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